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We tried to compile a comprehensive list of sites offering free stock photos. Some of the sites listed offer free stock photos only for personal use while some others allow the use of the images for commercial use as well. Details for each site have been added next to each listing. However, it is advised that you personally check the TOS of each website personally. Also please keep in mind that even if a photographer has released his images for free, even in the Public Domain but the images contain trademarks or recognizable people these images cannot be used for commercial projects unless the persons in the photographs have signed model releases and you have permission from the trademark holders.

1 Title: Stock Exchange
Description: Stock Exchange is one of the biggest if not the biggest free stock photos archive with over 252 000 free stock images. The license of each image is determined by the creator and therefore it is advised that you check the usage permissions below each image.
2 Title: MorgueFile
Description: MorgueFile is probably the largest free stock photos archive of images that can be used for commercial projects.
3 Title: StockVault
Description: An archive of almost 5000 free stock photos that are available for personal use (No commercial use is allowed)
4 Title: Piotrix
Description: A gallery of about 2000 free images available for personal use. Most images are 2MP in size. Larger sizes are available after registration.
5 Title: FreeRangeStock
Description: A collection of about 2000 free stock photos with a minimum resolution of 3MP. Requires registration (free) but the images can be used for commercial projects.
6 Title: ImageAfter
Description: Large well categorized collection of photos available for both free and commercial use.
7 Title: OpenPhoto
Description: Almost 3500 free images are available at OpenPhoto. There isn’t a universal license so it is reccomended to check the license of each image individually.
8 Title: BigFoto
Description: Collection of free photos categorized by location and theme. The photos can be used for personal projects freely and for commercial projects with proper attribution.
9 Title: Pixel Perfect Digital
Description: Online archive of more than 4000 free images available for personal and commercial use.
10 Title: FreeFoto
Description: A really large collection of almost 100 000 free stock photos for personal use.
11 Title:
Description: Offers about 2500 free stock photos that can be used for both personal and commercial projects. Attribution is required.
12 Title: Free Photo Station
Description: Categorized collection of free stock photos. There is no mention on the site if the photos can be used commercially.
13 Title: FreePixels
Description: Archive of about 2000 photos and raster illustrations that can be freely used for personal or commercial projects
14 Title: FreePhotosBank
Description: Collection of free photos that can be used for personal and commercial projects
15 Title: DesignPacks
Description: Archive of mostly textures photos, free for bot personal and commercial use
16 Title: Cromavista
Description: Photos by Ricardo Martín Herrero that can be used without limitations (Spanish Site)
17 Title:
Description: Offers more than 2000 public domain photos
18 Title: GeekPhilosopher
Description: A library of free stock photos created by the owners of the site as well as public domain photos collected from the web
19 Title: Cepolina
Description: Offers more than 3500 free images for download.
20 Title: TextureKing
Description: Archive of free textures that can be used for any purpose (reselling is prohibited)
21 Title: PDPhoto
Description: Provides about 2000 public domain photos for download. From the site: “Unless something is clearly marked as being copyrighted, you can assume it is free to use.”
22 Title: Flickr Creative Commons
Description: Literally millions of pictures license under different Creative Commons licenses
23 Title: GIMP Savvy
Description: A collection of almost 27000 public domain images collected from sources like the NASA and NOA
24 Title: Free Photographs Network
Description: Provides free photos for Non-Commercial use
25 Title:
Description: Offers close to 1500 free stock photos with no usage restrictions
26 Title: Aarin Free Photo
Description: Offers more than 950 images for personal and commercial use
27 Title:
Description: Provides free photos for personal and commercial projects. However, some restrictions apply (listed on the front page)
28 Title:
Description: Site owned by JupiterImages, provides about 2300 free images. It is advisable to read the terms before using the images
29 Title: Barry’s Free Photos
Description: Another site owned by JupiterImages that provides free stock photos. Terms
30 Title:
Description: Small collection of free photos for personal use (requires attribution)
31 Title: Pictures from Old Books
Description: A collection of more than 1300 pictures scanned from old books. Most of them are in the Public Domain
32 Title: USDA Image Gallery
Description: More than 2000 free photos
33 Title:
Description: Offers almost 3000 free photos for personal and commercial use. Terms
34 Title: FreeMediaGOO
Description: Offers free photos that can be used for commercial and non commercial projects
35 Title: AmazingTextures
Description: Offers free textures for personal use
36 Title: Photocase
Description: Online communitty that offers free photos for personal and commercial use. Terms
37 Title: Woophy
Description: Interesting website that categorizes photos by location. Low resolution photos are free for personal use
38 Title: ImageBase
Description: From the site “What does Free To Use Actually means? It means you can use the images for whatever you want, personal, commercial of non-profit use for free.  You cannot copyright the images nor can you resell them unaltered.  Any others questions?
39 Title: YotoPhoto
Description: A really nice site that doesn’t offer free photos but is a free photos search engine.
40 Title:
Description: Offers over 2500 free high quality stock images. TOS
41 Title: Digital Library System
Description: Provides access to quite a few image libraries that contain public domain photos such as the Alaska Image Library, Pacific Image Gallery and much more
42 Title: Images of American Political History
Description: A collection of over 500 public domain images of American Political History.
43 Title: US Geological Survey Photographic Library
Description: More than 400,000 photographs taken during geologic studies, all are in the Public Domain
44 Title: ImageBlowout
Description: Offers a small collection of uncategorized free stock phos
45 Title: FontPlay Free Photos
Description: A gallery of over 8000 free stock photos that can be used for bot personal and commercial projects. Updated regularly
46 Title: Public Domain Stock Photos
Description: Categoized gallery of photos released in the Public Domain
47 Title:
Description: Small colletion of free stock photos
48 Title: ImageTemple
Description: Gallery of free photos for personal and commercial projects.
49 Title: Pixalia
Description: Site is in Spanish and requires registration (free) to access the free stock photos. Really nicely done site
50 Title:  Graphics Arena
Description: Small gallery of free wallpapers and stock photos. Doesn’t clearly state the Terms of Use
51 Title: One Odd Dude
Description: Collection of free stock photos and backgrounds for personal only use
52 Title: Truly Free Stock
Description: Categorized collection of truly free stock photos
53 Title: T8 Software Free Stock Photos
Description: Small collection of free stock photos. Requires attribution.
54 Title: LightMatter
Description: Stock photo gallery that provides images licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
55 Title: Insecta
Description: Gallery of insects images licenced under a CC Licence
56 Title: Diwiesign
Description: Offers free stock photos for non commercial use
57 Title: DNS Fotografia Digital
Description: Brazilian website offering free stock photos. I am not sure about the exact license since auto translators don’t work that great.
58 Title: Photoshocked
Description: Stock photo gallery that provides images licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
59 Title:
Description: Large German site offering almost 40000 photos contributed by users. Requires Registration
60 Title: BajStock
Description: Offers almost 650 free stock photos
61 Title: Insect Images
Description: Offers insect images for personal and educational use. Requires attribution
62 Title: Yellowstone Digital Slide File
Description:  Offers almost 13000 pictures in the public domain from Yellowstone
63 Title: Star 29
Description:  Offers about 120 free stock photos
64 Title: NASA Images
Description:  Most pictures are in the Public Domain, however attribution is required
65 Title: FWS Pictures and Graphics
Description:  Attribution for the use of images is required
66 Title: Public Health Images Library
Description:Library of images related to health and science from the Center of Diseace Control. Most of them are in the public domain
67 Title:NYPL Digital Gallery
Description: “NYPL Digital Gallery provides access to over 480,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities in the collections of The New York Public Library, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints and photographs, illustrated books, printed ephemera, and more.” Images are free for for personal and educational purposes only.
68 Title: Graphic Maps
Description: Collection of map and flags clipart that can be used for free
69 Title: Great Images in NASA
Description: Collection of historical images from NASA. Some of them are copyright free.
70 Title: NASA Images
Description: Provides links to all NASA websites offering images for download.
71 Title: NWYH Stock Library
Description:Provides a small collection of free (humorous) business stock photos.
72 Title: National Park Service Digital Images Index
Description: From the site: provides links to public domain digital images of many of those sites, including national parks, monuments, historic sites and related areas.”
73 Title: DeviantArt
Description: Stock photos at DeviantArt. You need to check usage permission for each image individually

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