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Where To Find Discounted Properties To Invest In

Our property locators use a variety of tools and contacts to find discounted properties to offer you as investments. Among the best sources are sites like AssetColumn.com, Auction.com. We also contact homeowners directly by partnering with home buying services such as SellHouseFast.com. It is our mission to find only deals with upside potential and acceptable return rates.

Below are several ways you can find greatly discounted properties.

Foreclosure Listings

Among the place you are most likely to bump into discounted properties is on bank foreclosure listings. When for instance Tom fails to pay his mortgage for a long period of time, the lender will repossess the house and list it for sale. Sad as it may be for the person being kicked out, it is a big opportunity in case you want to spend less. The bank will list the property at a discounted price because they are into money lending and not the management of properties. Because foreclosure listings may take some time, the house may need repairs and some updating, making the bank offer more discount.

Online Classified Ads

Technology has revolutionized property hunting making it extremely easy to access a wide variety of properties. Every day hundreds of properties are listed and all you need to do is check them out and settle on what suits your needs and budget. You are able to filter out your search to find the best property at the least price and discounts too can be offered making it really advantageous for you. For instance, John just turned 21 and he needs a home. He goes online and searches for the cheapest house to suit his budget. He finds it and contacts the seller for viewing and negotiations. And just like that, he is able to move out without training financially.

Lead Gen Websites

The realization that distressed homeowners may take the time to find a buyer through the other listings gave birth to the idea of lead generating websites. These sites are where people directly post their homes for sale without going through real estate agents. It is a great place to find a property at an incredibly low price. In case you are wondering how, it is because the lesser the number of middlemen in a property sale, the cheaper it may turn out. One such site is needtosellmyhouse.com where you can find a huge selection of houses you can choose from whether for a home or profit.

Court Auctions

An interesting source of discounted properties is court auctions and till date, many people have successfully acquired property through them. Most of the time, the highest bidder gets the property and that is of a great advantage as the price may be quite low as compared to other property listings. You may have been told that getting a property this way may be risky but truth is that although some risk may be involved but it is as safe as getting property from anywhere else. It is always good to get in contact with people who have acquired their property through this way for guidance.

Personal Connections

Although old fashioned, but connections with people like real estate attorneys or city officers can grant you access to unbelievable real estate deals. They are always in the know of what is on sale at the most friendly price and will keep you in the loop. Make a couple of calls and voila, you will get yourself a perfect home before anyone else notices that the property was up for sale. Because with such tips and alerts on available discounted property do not always have a lot of competition, you will easily find them at affordable prices.

Absentee Owners

You can decide to the unique way by approaching homeowners who have not listed their properties yet. These owners may have houses that they are not currently living in and a little talk with them may end up in you becoming the new owner. For example, John inherits a house that he is not sure what to do with it and therefore leaves it unoccupied for some time. Contacting him about buying the house may just be what he has been waiting for and the pricing will be friendly. You can drive around to find these properties or you can contact those who have listed homes for rent and convince them about the idea of buying. Being a private arrangement between you and the owner, you will pay less because you cut out agencies and other middlemen.

Real Estate Wholesalers

There are those people or real estate agencies that buy the property from distressed homeowners and then set them up for sale at some profit. Because they deal with a large number of properties, their profit margins are small but the cumulatively make them a big profit. When you acquire property from them, you will, therefore, spend less than getting the same property from people selling just a couple of properties. In case you are into the real estate business, then these wholesalers can ensure you make a handsome profit. Their prices are always negotiable and that may mean you pay less.

When we see a house we like, contact the seller and bid as early as possible. Most properties are sold to the first person to contact. Be the early bird and you may land on a discount you could have never imagined. You can sign up for automatic emails for new property listings from your reals estate agents. Another way to get discounted properties is looking for properties that have been in the listing for a long time. Being the last may be advantageous because the seller reaches a point they just want to release the property and will allow amazing discounts. For instance, Nancy wants to sell her house and lists it. Several months later, no one has bought it and she really wants to get out of it and therefore will accept a lower price as long as it is getting sold.